malpractice program


Health First Network, Inc. (HFNI) is extremely pleased to announce the formation of The HFNI Liability Insurance Program, a purchasing group program designed to enhance the professional liability coverage of our members, while maintaining long and short term competitive rates through a strong A++ rated insurance partner. Think unity! With the power of strength in numbers, this program allows us to collectively bargain more effectively for our malpractice insurance.

The timing is perfect for the launch of this program. While the malpractice insurance market has been favorable to us in the years since the 2003 tort reforms in Florida, the cycle may begin to change in the near future since the caps on non-economic damages were recently overturned. Now is the time to unify to purchase our malpractice insurance together.

We are delighted to announce that MedPro Group, a Warren Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway company rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best, has been chosen as the program’s insurer.  With MedPro, the largest healthcare liability insurer in the country, we have the ability to control our rates and coverage into the future with a financially sound and secure partner. HFNI members will benefit from:

  • Competitive Pricing
    • Competitive rates 
    • Long-term pricing stability with HFNI negotiated program
  • Robust Coverage
    • Professional liability and/or general liability - both occurrence and claims-made available
    • Consent to settle to the first named insured
    • Unlimited reporting endorsement available with reinstatement of limits
    • Incident-sensitive claims trigger
    • Cyber Liability ($50,000) coverage included at no additional charge
  • Industry-leading Claims and Risk Management Expertise
    • More than 400,000 claims handled nationally
    • 90% trial win rate; 80% of claims closed without payment
    • More than 130 physicians and healthcare leaders on MedPro’s Specialty Advisory Boards
    • Claims Managers averaging more than 25 years of experience
    • 99% Claims Service and Risk Management satisfaction

We have chosen Danna-Gracey as our group’s insurance administrator and are pleased to have them sharing their previous leadership experiences creating other very successful group purchasing arrangements.  

HFNI has been looking for ways to keep more money in our pockets and less in the hands of others. We unanimously agreed that this program provides both real cost savings along with a high quality product for our members.

For more information, please contact Jackie Murph at [email protected] or Julie Danna of Danna-Gracey, our insurance facilitator at 850.995.9118 or [email protected].