Company Overview

Who We Are

Founded in 1985, Health First Network, Inc. is an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) that offers patients access to a team of 700+ of the finest, board-certified doctors in Northwest Florida. Our primary care physicians and specialists provide quality and compassionate health care to patients in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton counties.

Our goal is simple: to promote wellness and to optimize response to illness by delivering the best care possible while, at the same time, controlling associated costs.

We believe there is strength and tremendous power in a collaborative, local, and patient-centric approach to health care. Building on these concepts, we connect with an array of touch points in health care, including health plans, to produce an efficient, effective, and affordable health care delivery system – a web of good health.

Raising the Bar of Excellence in Health Care

Health First Network, Inc. doesn't represent the masses. We accept only the best. Every physician in our network must undergo an extensive credentialing process, and operate on a higher community standard. By meeting these criteria, physicians demonstrate their commitment and put themselves at the forefront of medicine. In addition to their individual talents and attributes, Health First Network physicians reap the experience and expertise of each other – compounding the positive impact they yield in Northwest Florida. This is because our organization facilitates the sharing of information, promotes a team approach to health care, and empowers physicians to interact with and learn from each other – all to benefit patients and to help build a healthier community.

What We Do

Good health is something that every person wants. And, it's what Health First Network, Inc. promotes. Our organization provides patients with access to local medical professionals who work together as a team to treat illness and promote wellness.